Dismissed by the Federal Court, Uber must cease its activity in Geneva and comply

June 4, 2022
Uber drivers must be considered as employees and not as self-employed, according to a judgment of the Federal Court. The canton of Geneva, which thus won its case against Uber, considers that this is a “historic decision” which will set a precedent for all the cantons.

The Uber company will have to cease its activity at the end of the lake while it comes into compliance with the law, the Department of Economy and Employment (DEE) said on Friday. The legal saga between the Californian giant and the State of Geneva, which dates back to 2019, thus finds its epilogue.

Uber had initially appealed against a decision by the Department of the Commerce Police and the Fight Against Undeclared Work (PCTN) which considered Uber drivers to be employees. The Court of Justice of the canton of Geneva dismissed the company, which then brought the case before the Federal Court. (article in French)